Dissington Estate welcomes you to the first of a series of regular updates

Dissington Estate welcomes you to the first of what will be a series of regular updates where we will share with you information about what is currently happening on the Estate, improvements we are proposing to make and our aspirations for the future.

We have owned the Estate since 2007 and it already plays an important part in the local economy through its location, accessibility and what it already o ers by the way of employment, housing, health and leisure opportunities for surrounding communities and residents.

We are planning to improve access and understanding of the Estate to enhance of the range of sporting activities that already exist including bridleways, footpaths and cycle routes.

We have developed a new brand for the Estate which you will see appearing very soon across the site and further information will be available via a brand new website: www.dissingtonestate.co.uk

This will include further information on all aspects oif the Estate and in addition we will have our own facebook and twitter pages that we will use to pass on immediate information about events and activities that we will be organising.

Additionally in early November we will be opening a new Dissington Estate o ce at Prestwick Park (address below) which will provide an ‘information & event hub’ speci cally for the public to come and meet the team and learn more about plans for the future. We will publicise the opening times and contact details for this in the very near future.

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