Information Session

3pm - 7pm

We recognise that November and December are going to be very busy with an enormous amount of information flying in from a range of organisations so we are keen to offer a number of alternatives for people to access information in bite sized chunks.

Our first sessions will include details of our PRE-SUBMISSION OUTLINE plans. PRE-SUBMISSION means that the plans have not yet been formally submitted as a planning application and OUTLINE means that that the plans are in a high level form and will include the location and size of the potential site, the general mix of uses and an outline of any corresponding works such as flood alleviation and where the on-site road infrastructure might be.

You can also view the plans from the comfort of your own home on this website and make any comments or ask questions through our contact page.

On completion of the sessions the Hub will close in order to review the plans following any comments received and format into a formal planning application and submit to the Planning Authority.

After submission of the outline planning application later next month the Information Hub will re-open to show residents the final OUTLINE plans. We expect this to be either late December of Early January. We will post dates on the website and on the Dissington Estate Facebook Page.

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