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Lugano Property Group purchased the Estate from the Church Commissioners in 2007 and comprises 2,537 acres of prime agricultural land, including 19 residential properties, and 6 farm steadings. It has been relatively untouched from this date and continues to comprise of productive farmland and animal husbandry.

We have big plans for the Estate and hope to diversify its offer to encourage new business uses, create jobs and to act as a conduit for Economic Growth for the North East of England. This will take time but we are in this for the long haul – we intend to grow but we will not lose the essence of calm and serenity that our beautiful countryside has in abundance nor will we look to cause unnecessary impacts on our surrounding towns and villages.

Unlike surrounding Estates Dissington unfortunately does not have a focal building as Dissington Hall (a private family run organisation) is not part of our land holding. What we lose on ‘curb appeal’ we certainly make up on history and heritage. We are constantly (with the help of our Heritage experts) discovering interesting new areas for us to focus on within our vision for the future including a park area designed by Capability Brown that has been left to nature but will certainly be brought back to life for the use of the surrounding communities. We will share all of our ‘Environmental finds’ within our Environment section of the website.


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